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Hey All! 

TLDR: I went to school, fell in love (pun intended) with weddings. Found my husband and became a Venue Director with over 50 weddings including my own destination wedding located in the Outer Banks. I love to travel and my dream is to help other couples not stress about their day. Oh, I almost forgot! I'm a book nerd and I love my Frenchie! <3

My story started when I attended Iowa State University for Event Management. I was absolutely, 100% SURE that I was not going to do weddings. I even volunteered for Ames's Firefly Country Nights and fundraisers. You could NOT change my mind.


Then...(dramatic pause for effect) friend got married at the same time I was taking the Wedding Class. I helped her find her vendors, a location for photos, and talked her through several things while planning. To say I fell in love would be a cliché.  


After graduating I found a position as a Venue Director/Event Coordinator for 5 years where I oversaw Planning Support & Day of Coordination for over 50 weddings. In this time I also planned my own destination wedding in 2021  to the Outer Banks. I realized what I should have already known: no matter how small or big the wedding is, the stress to make it perfect is the same.

So, because I love weddings, travel, and have a passion to help couples have the best day without worrying I started Unbound Weddings to help any couple - no matter where and how much (or little) support they need. 

In my free time I love to read, watch k-dramas, hangout with my husband, and snuggle my Frenchie, Bastien.

If you made it this far - thank you for reading and I hope you know enough about me, but if you want to talk fantasy books, k-dramas, chai tea or just to chat - give me a call - I love to talk... just ask my family. 

Emma McPhaul
Travel Wedding Coordinator
Wedding Frenchie
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